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Tony Selby, Private Signing 180916

We are pleased to be able to announce a private signing with Tony Selby

Tony will happily sign your personal items and/or photographs.

If you would like a 10" x 8" photo (that we will provide) signed then please click the "Autograph" product below.

If you have personal items that you would like signed then click the "Personal Items" product below. You can send us your CD/DVD covers, Pictures, Books and Posters etc...

When placing your order remember to choose an appropriate delivery option as this is the method we will use to return your items to you.


Private Signings will close on the date shown below. Once we have received every one's items we will take them to be signed. Once signed we will return them to you swiftly. Please be patient in waiting for your order as this process can take time.
Thank you

Doctor Who

Cockneys vs Zombies

All items must be with us by: 16th September 2018

Tony Selby
Please send personal items to the following address after placing your order:

10th Planet Events Limited
4 Willowtree Farm Cottages
Main Road, Deeping St Nicholas
Spalding, Lincolnshire
PE11 3BN


Mini Biography

Congenial character actor whose best film roles came in two vastly different films in 1971 and 1972 - Richard Burton's 'Villain' and Spike Milligan's 'Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall'. With his down-to earth, friendly London voice he'd been a regular on television for years by this stage, appearing in a roll-call of British TV series since his debut in No Hiding Place in 1964. The Avengers, Department S 

He appeared in Alfie (1966), Superman (1978) and debuting in the odd charmer, An Alligator Named Daisy. Television has been his more natural home, he headlined Get Some In (1975) had a main part in Love Hurts (1992-94) and appeared most recently in Burnside (2000).

Including guest appearances here his charisma, which can be menacing when he chooses, has seen him in - Minder, Dr Who, Casualty, Lovejoy, Holby City, The Bill and Eastenders to name but a few.