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Tony Osoba Private signing, 180830

We are thrilled to announce we will be attending

Whooverville X , Derby
Saturday 1st September
with our first guest Tony Osoba.

If you are unable to attend the show and would like your personal items signed or an Autograph from Tony please see below to place your order.

Destiny of the Daleks - Doctor Who


Porridge -  Just Desserts
Pre-Orders will remain open until close 30th August. Once we have your items signed we will return them to you swiftly.
Thank you

Sergeant Kracauer
was the leader of Kane's forces on Iceworld  in ca. 2,000,000. Belazs convinced him to try to kill Kane, but he failed and Kane killed him instead. (TV: Dragonfire) 


Lan Dragonfire
Doctor Who

Tony Osoba
Doctor Who



We are pleased to be able to announce pre orders with Tony Osoba. 

Tony will happily sign your personal items and/or photographs.
If you would like a 10" x 8" photo (that we will provide) signed then please click the "Autograph" product below.
If you have personal items that you would like signed then click the "Personal Items" product below.
You can send us your CD/DVD covers, Pictures.
When placing your order remember to choose an appropriate delivery option as this is the method we will use to return your items to you.
Please send pre orders to the following address:

10th Planet Events Limited
4 Willowtree Farm Cottages
Main Road
 Deeping St Nicholas
PE11 3BN

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Tony Osoba was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and has become a familiar face to TV audiences in a career spanning more than 30 years. Tony joined the RSAMD at the age of 18 in Glasgow. His breakthrough role came in 1974 when he starred opposite Ronnie Barker in the popular BBC sitcom 'Porridge'. Tony played in-mate Jock McLaren  throughout the 3 seasons of the show, as well as appearing in the first episode of the follow-up series 'Going Straight' in 1978 and starring in the film version of Porridge in 1979.

During his career he has made more than 200 television appearances, including 'Doctor Who' opposite Tom Baker in the 1979 story 'Destiny Of The Daleks' , and later in the 1987 story 'Dragonfire'
, with Sylvester McCoy. In 1985, Tony starred as Det.  Sgt. Chas Jarvis in all three seasons of the Drama series 'Dempsey & Makepeace', and later joined the cast of 'Coronation Street' in 1990 as Peter Ingram. In the 1990s, he appeared in programmes such as 'The Bill', Taggart, 'Bugs' and 'Holby City'.