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Stephanie Romanov "Lilah Morgan" from Angel

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 Stephanie Romanov was a recurring guest star on Joss Whedon's 'Angel', appearing in 36 episodes - more than any other guest star. Romaov entered the show during season one as the manipulative lawyer "Lilah Morgan" from Wolfram and Hart - Angel's biggest foe. After failing to get Angel to work for her firm, Lilah sets her sights on bringing him down, stepping into Lindsey's shoes after his departure. Lilah enters into somewhat of an affair with Wesley, but she met her untimely death by the hands of another at Angel Investigations.

Romanov previously starred in the Melrose Place spin-off series "Models Inc" as 'Monique Duren'. Her other TV appearances include "Melrose Place", "Just Shoot Me!", and "The Closer". Her film credits include the Leslie Nielsen comedy "Spy Hard" (1996), the role of 'Jacqueline Kennedy' in "Thirteen Days" (2000), and "The Final Cut" (2004) alongside Robin Williams.


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