Signing Event - September 17

Signing - Saturday 17th September 2011 - 10.00am till 1.00pm
We are thrilled to be able to announce that
have agreed to join us at our signing Saturday 17th September.

Due to a very busy work schedule at the moment, sadley Mary Tamm will not be with us on Saturday as soon as work permits we will arrange a new signing date.
Due to work commitments Caroline John is no longer able to attend our signing. We are in the process of arranging another date which we will be able to announce as soon as possible. Please note if you have pre-ordered signed pictures from Caroline John you will receive your items in due course.
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For more information
Richard Franklin (born 15 January 1936) is a British actor.
Richard has had various roles in different television programmes including Crossroads (January - June 1969, as Joe Townsend) and Emmerdale Farm
(1988–89, as Dennis Rigg). However, his most significant role was that of Captain Mike Yates, a member of UNIT, in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who from 1971 to 1974. Franklin has stood for Parliament on several occasions and works today primarily as a theatre director.
He has also guest-starred in a number of Big Finish Productions audio plays including Professor Bernice Summerfield: Dragons' Wrath, Sapphire and Steel: The Surest Poison and I, Davros: Innocence.
His other acting television appearances include: Blake's 7, Dixon of Dock Green, The Saint, The Millicent Martin Show, Little Women, The Pathfinders, Catherine Cookson's The Gambling Man (1995) and more recently Heartbeat (1997, as a Doctor).
In terms of his political work, this has led to appearances on Campaign Calendar (Yorkshire TV) and an election speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference (broadcast by Sky TV in 1993).
Richard's theatre acting work includes Peter Dews' production of As You Like It, Same Time Next Year (Prince of Wales Theatre), Macbeth (RSC), Rocky Horror Show (as the Narrator), The Spider's Web (UK Tour for Ian Dickens), Romeo and Juliet (UK Tour with Sean Maguire),
The Importance of Being Earnest (English Speaking Theatre, Frankfurt) and many pantomimes. On radio he played Harrison Howell in the BBC Radio 2 production of Kiss Me Kate (1996).Richard has in recent years produced an annual production as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also been an artistic and associate director of a number of theatres.
He has maintained his contact with Doctor Who and appears regularly at conventions and contributing to video projects for Reeltime Pictures in their spin-off interview and documentary productions. He recreated Captain Mike Yates for the Twentieth Anniversary special The Five Doctors (1983) and also the Thirtieth Anniversary 3-D Special for Children In Need Dimensions In Time (1993), both in scenes with Jon Pertwee.
Richard Franklin also wrote a novel featuring his Who character, Mike Yates, The Killing Stone, but it has been released only as an audio book, read by the author.
Richard returned to his role as Mike Yates in 2009 and 2010 in two 5-part series of BBC audio plays - with the overarching titles of "Hornets' Nest" and "Demon Quest" - alongside the fourth Doctor Tom Baker.
In 2009 Richard Franklin starred in various music clips from the band Noah and the Whale.
He also played 'The Narrator' in the tour version of The Rocky Horror Show
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John Levene (born 24 December 1941) is an English actor. His most famous role was that of Sergeant Benton of UNIT on the television series Doctor Who.
He was born John Anthony Woods in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
He was working in a men's clothing store on Regents Street in London when Telly Savalas encouraged him to sign up as an actor for The Dirty Dozen.
He failed to get a part, as he was not a union member, but this got him interested in acting. On joining Equity, he adopted the professional name John Levene to avoid confusion with another John Woods who was already registered with the union.
His first acting role was in the television series Adam Adamant Lives!.
Other television roles included episodes of Callan (1970), The Adventurer (1972), and the film Go for a Take (1972).
He made an uncredited appearance as a Cyberman in the 1967 Doctor Who serial The Moonbase and as a Yeti in The Web of Fear before making his first appearance as then-Corporal Benton in the Doctor Who serial The Invasion in 1968
The Web of Fear was, incidentally, the serial that introduced Benton's commanding officer Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Though he was only a colonel at the time). Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT were featured heavily in early 1970s Doctor Who, and the promoted Sergeant Benton also became a regular.
In 1977, following his final appearance on Doctor Who, Levene gave up acting as a career to set up his own audio visual company, Genesis Communications, and has directed well over 45 audio visuals and live events for various clients including the Ford Motor Company, British Airways, KFC, Amway and Revlon.
He briefly returned to the role of Benton in the 1988 Reeltime Pictures video production Wartime.
He has also worked as an entertainer on cruise liners and has now emigrated to the USA where he has returned to acting under the name John Anthony Blake.
Blake is his mother's maiden name, and he had a much better relationship with her than with his father.
His latest acting work was on an independent movie called Cannibalistic. He has also acted on an episode of Big Bad Beetleborgs, industrial videos, and has done some voice-over work for Disney and The Queen Mary Hotel, among others.
He has recently recorded his debut musical album with a 60-piece orchestra, and had to decline an invitation to host the 2010 Academy Awards, due to a prior commitment.

For more information click here for Williams Imdb
We are pleased to be able announce that William Thomas will be with us on the 17th September, William is one (or the only one ) top appear in Classic Who, New Who & Torchwood
William Thomas (also known as William Huw-Thomas) is a Welsh actor, who has appeared in many TV episodes and films.
He made his first appearance on TV in 1974, and his work, as an actor, is still ongoing. He is known for his roles in two Doctor Who episodes, along with roles in other major TV programs, including Only Fools and Horses and Midsomer Murders in 2007.In 2011 he will appear as a regular in Torchwood: Miracle Day as Geraint Cooper; having previously played the character on a one-off occasion in 2008
William is in old series Doctor Who (Remembrance of the Daleks), new Doctor Who (Boomtown), and in Torchwood as Gwen's Dad (various episodes). He is in the NEW Torchwood episodes
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For more information please click here for Anna's imdb
During her acting career she has starred in many films and television programmes, including the BBCsitcomWild, Wild Women, between 1968 and 1969. That same year she played a schoolgirl in the classic bikini-flying scene in the filmCarry On Camping (even though she was 32 years old). In both these roles she acted with Barbara Windsor (herself a 31-year-old "schoolgirl" in the film).
Karen's best remembered role was in the LWT sitcom On the Buses (1969–73). In this series, Karen played Olive, the dowdy sister of Stan (Reg Varney), and wife of Arthur (Michael Robbins). She also appeared in the film spin-offs, On the Buses, Mutiny on the Buses, and Holiday on the Buses.
From 1977 to 1978, Karen reprised the role of Olive in the LWT revival of the sitcom The Rag Trade created by the same writers.
In 1995, Anna Karen played a supporting role in the film Beautiful Thing, as a neighbour of the main characters, Ste and Jamie.
A year later, Karen reunited with Barbara Windsor, this time in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. Karen plays Sal Martin, the sister of Windsor's Peggy Mitchell. Although Karen has never been a permanent cast member in the soap, she has continued to appear as 'Aunt' Sal Martin occasionally over the years, usually for only one or two episodes at a time.
In 2006, Anna Karen used her experience as a striptease dancer to act as a judge in the final edition of Channel 4's reality televisiondocumentaryFaking It. In 2008, Karen was a guest on the Channel 4's Sunday Night Project, again with Barbara Windsor.
Karen has also been a regular in pantomimes over the years, and played the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella at the Millfield Theatre, at Christmas 2008.
Karen lives in Essex, and was married to actor/comedian Terry Duggan until his death in 2008. As well as continuing to make recurring appearances in EastEnders as Sal Martin, Karen teaches drama at Paul's Theatre School, based in Hornchurch, Essex.
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For more information click here for Nic's Imdb
Nic Goodey will be joining us on the 17th September.
Nic has doubled David Morrissey on the Christmas 2008 Special & has just filmed a new episode, doubling Mark Gattas-fantastic make up
Nic also has appeared in Red Dwarf & Shameless
And has done stunts on Star Wars “Attack of the Clones”, Clash of the Titans, Kick Ass & Return of the Mummy Returns plus much more

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