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Signing Event - October 22

We are thrilled to be able to announce that
Andrienne Burgess
Martin Cochrane
Sarah Louise Madison
Morris Perry

Spencer Wilding
Edward De Souza
have agreed to join us at our Signing and Q & A Session
Saturday 22nd October2011
From 10.00 am till 1.00 pm at the
Barking LearingLibrary. Full details below
William Russell will now be with us on Saturday the 3rd December,
we are sorry for the change of date
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Spencer Wilding
Imdb click here
Spencer Wilding Website
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Edward De Souza Imdb
Spy Who Loved Me
Sheikh Hosein
Kiss lf the

Gerald Harcourt
Phantom of the

Harry Hunter
Saint - The Chequered

as Beau Ellington
Doctor Who (TV series)
Marc Cory– Mission to the Unknown(1965)… Marc
The Avengers (TV series)
Brian Collier / Robert
Flanders– The Curious Case of the Countless Clues(1968)…
Robert Flanders
– Six Hands Across a Table(1963)… Brian
Coronation Street (TV series)
Colin Grimshaw– Episode #1.7077(2009)… Colin Grimshaw
– Episode #1.7075(2009)… Colin Grimshaw
– Episode #1.7076(2009)… Colin Grimshaw
– Episode #1.7073(2009)… Colin Grimshaw
– Episode #1.7074(2009)… Colin Grimshaw
See all 38 episodes »
Edward is well-known for the films The Phantom of the Operaand The Kiss of the Vampire, both made for Hammer
in 1962. Perhaps his most famous role, however, has been asThe Man in Black for BBC Radio 4. He also
appeared in the television version of After Henry,Farrington and, earlier, took the part of Soveral (the Portuguese Ambassador to Britain) in Edward the Seventh.
In 1965, he appeared as the lead in theDoctor Who story Mission to the Unknown –the only story ever broadcast in the series not to feature the Doctor in any capacity. From 1961 to 1966, he starred in the popular sitcom
Marriage Lines, and in 1977 he played Sheik Hosein in theJames Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. He was solicitor "BonnyBernard" in the first series of Rumpole of the Bailey. In 1982he appeared in the final Sapphire & Steel adventure,credited only as "The Man". One of his less-known works, was his role inThe Golden Compass, in 2007, playing the Second High Councillor.
Morris Perry (born 28 March 1925) is an English actor, best known for
his roles on television.

Morris Perry Imdb
Doctor Who (TV series)
Captain Dent– Colony in Space: Part 6 (1971) … Captain Dent
– Colony in Space: Part 5 (1971) … Captain Dent
– Colony in Space: Part 4 (1971) … Captain Dent
– Colony in Space: Part 3 (1971) … Captain Dent
– Colony in Space: Part 2 (1971) … Captain
Morris was born in Bromley, Kent, England. Credits
include: The Avengers, Z-Cars, Champion House, The Champions, The

Doctor Who (in the serial Colony in Space),
Special Branch, The Sweeney, Survivors, The Professionals, Secret Army,
Reilly, Ace of Spies, The Bill and Midsomer Murders
andrienne burgess.jpg
AdrienneBurgess (born 20November 1947) is a British actress, mainly seen on television.
Her credits include: Doctor Who
(in the serial The Sun Makers), Blake's 7, Terry and June, Just Good FriendsDickens of London and The Bill
Doctor Who (TV series)
The Sun Makers: Part Four(1977) … Veet
TheSun Makers: Part Three (1977) … Veet
TheSun Makers: Part Two (1977) … Veet
TheSun Makers: Part One (1977) …
Blakes 7 (TV series)

Shadow (1979) …
Hanna many more have a
look at
Adrienne's Imdb
martin cochrane 2.jpg
Martin Cochran
Doctor Who (TV series)
– The Caves of Androzani: Part Four (1984) …Chellak
– The Caves of Androzani: Part Three (1984) …Chellak
– The Caves of Androzani: Part Two (1984) …

– The Caves of
Androzani: Part One (1984) … Chellak
Martin Imdb click here
Sarah Louise Madison
2010 Weeping angel Theatre (Tour), Doctor Who Tour Bus. BBC Sunderland
2009 Weeping angel Film (Short), Doctor Who. BBC Cinema 3D Trailer
2009 Being Interviewed TV Doctor Who Confidential. BBC3
2009 Angel Bob (Weeping Angel) TV, Doctor Who - The Time of Angels, Adam
Smith. BBC
2009 Weeping Angel (Angel Bob) TV. Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone. Adam Smith.
Sarah's Credits Click