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Signing - 2nd February

Signing Event - Saturday 2nd February - between 10.00 am and 13.00 pm
Autographs are £10 each. Buy 4 and get a fifth free
We are delighted to announce the following guests
Anneke Wills is an English actress, best known for her role as the Doctor Who companion Polly in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Daniel Hills most notable role was as the avaricious Harvey Bains, manager of the retirement home in Waiting for God, alongside Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden; though he had also appeared with Martin Clunes and William Gaunt in the earlier sitcom No Place Like Home.

He has also made appearances in several cult television programmes, most notable as Chasgo in Blake's 7, Series 1 episode The Dessert Song of Minder, and Chris Parsons in the unbroadcast Doctor Who story Shada

Michael Ferguson was one of the few directors assigned to stories of the first, second and third doctors.
He was also an uncredited assistant floor manager during the Daleks’ debut serial. Part of his duties on this serial required him doing a bit of performing. Being a member of Equity (having previously worked as an actor), he nominally played the first Dalek, operating the Dalek sucker arm that threatened Barbara Wright at the end of ‘The Dead Planet’

Deborah Watling best known for her role as Victoria Waterfield, a companion of the Second Doctor in the BBC television series Doctor Who.

Watling played Victoria in Doctor Who from 1967 to 1968, though owing to the BBC's wiping policy of the time, The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967) is the only serial she appeared in to still exist in its entirety. She also appeared in Dimensions in Time (1993) and Downtime (1995). She co-starred with Cliff Richard in the 1970s film Take Me High.

Watling has also appeared in the Doctor Who audio drama, Three's a Crowd. Watling regularly attends Doctor Who conventions and events.

Michael Troughton  actor, writer and teacher. He is the son of actor Patrick Troughton (known for his lead role in Doctor Who in the 1960s) and the younger brother of David Troughton.

He has appeared in many film, television and theatre roles, most notably as Sir Piers Fletcher-Dervish in The New Statesman from 1987 to 1992. Troughton also starred in the first series of Backs to the Land. More recent roles include senior science master Derek Halliday in the Taggart episode "Out of Bounds", 1998, a therapist in the fourth series of Cold Feet and Mr Mermagen in Enigma.

Pauline Cox provided the make-up for the Doctor Who serials Image of the Fendahl and Warriors' Gate
William Russell played Ian Chesterton in Doctor Who from The Pilot Episode to The Chase. As one of Susan Foreman's teachers, he was one of the first of the Doctor's companions to appear in the series.
Margot Hayhoe was assistant floor manager for The War Machines (with Lovett Bickford), Fury from the Deep, and The Ambassadors of Death. She was also production manager for Logopolis, Castrovalva and Snakedance.
Olivia Bazalgette was the Production Assistant on the
Doctor Who story Shada

Has also worked on Only Fools and Horses
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