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Signing - 29th June

Signing Event - Saturday 29th June - between 10.00 am and 13.00 pm
Autographs are £10 each. Buy 4 and get a fifth free.
Please note Barbara Parkins will be £15 each

We are delighted to announce the following guests
Barbara Parkins was involved in two of the most highly publicized projects of the 1960s — the ABC primetime serial, Peyton Place, and the film adaptation of Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel, Valley of the Dolls.
In Peyton Place Parkins received lead billing for her role as small town bad girl Betty Anderson. As initially conceived, the character was scheduled to die in a car crash six weeks into the season, but audience reaction to Parkins was overwhelmingly favorable, and it was decided to keep her in the story line.
Julie Dawn Cole was twelve when she was cast in the iconic role of Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory during the project's pre-production phase in the first half of 1970 (she celebrated her 13th birthday eight weeks into the film's 11½-week filming schedule in Southern Germany's sprawling production complex, Bavaria Film Studios, on the day she performed her song "I Want It Now"). The film debuted in New York on 30 June 1971 and in London the following week, with Julie chosen to present a bouquet of flowers to Princess Margaret at the Royal Premiere. 
John Levene played Sergeant John Benton of UNIT on Doctor Who, beginning with The Invasion and concluding with The Android Invasion.
Fernanda Marlowe played Corporal Bell in the Doctor Who serials The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos.
Camilla Power from Torchwood “from out of the Rain”, Hornblower, Whitechapel, and much more  will be joining us in Barking on the  29th June
Liza Goddard made early television appearances in Australia, including episode 100 of Homicide ("The Traveller", 1966), and the ABC drama play "Romanoff & Juliet" (1967), and a brief (non-speaking, non-credited) appearance in the feature film They're A Weird Mob (1966). However, she is best remembered in Australia for her role as Clarissa "Clancy" Merrick in Skippy the Bush Kangaroo in which she appeared in the first two series and 48 episodes.After returning to the UK in 1969 as an adult, she was cast as Victoria Edgecombe, the character created by Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham in Take Three Girls (1969), and then its sequel Take Three Women (1982). She also had a supporting role in the 1972 movie Ooh… You Are Awful (which included a brief nude scene). Her career breakthrough was as April in The Brothers (1972–76), which also featured her first husband, Colin Baker. She appeared as Jocelyn in National Pelmet, the Series 2 opener of critically acclaimed drama Minder.
 In 1973 Madeline Smith played the Bond girl Miss Caruso in the post-titles sequence of Live and Let Die, the first James Bond film starring Roger Moore.
Her television credits include Doctor at Large (1971), The Two Ronnies (appearance in the serial "Hampton Wick" 1971), Clochemerle (1972), His and Hers (1970) with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Casanova '73 (1973) with Leslie Phillips, and The Steam Video Company (1984). She was a member of the regular cast for the BBC2 series The End of the Pier Show (1974) and In The Looking Glass (1978), along with John Wells, John Fortune and Carl Davis. Smith made her last film, Eric Morecambe's final work, The Passionate Pilgrim, in 1984
Barbara Shelley was at her busiest in the late 1950s (Blood of the Vampire) and 1960s when she became Hammer Horror's number one female star, with The Gorgon (1964), Dracula, Prince of Darkness (1966), Rasputin, the Mad Monk (1966), and Quatermass and the Pit (1967) among her credits. Although she is known as a scream queen, in fact her most famous scream (in the aforementioned Dracula film) was dubbed by co-star Suzan Farmer.
She also appeared in Village of the Damned (1960), the very first Danger Man episode 'View From A Villa' (1960), Blake's 7 episode 'Stardrive' (1981), and in the 1984 Doctor Who serial Planet of Fire.
Mike Holoway  a British musician and actor. He was the drummer and percussionist in Flintlock and at the same time became an actor, notably in the cult TV series The Tomorrow People .