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PRIVATE SIGNINGS - Scheduled closing dates
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Hannah Gordon 10th April - Processing
Philip Voss Delay due to waiting for items to be
returned from Hannah Gordon
Graeme Harper 14th May - Processing
will be posted out Monday 18th June
Joss Ackland 1st June - Processing Victoria Alcock 12th July 
Mark Strickson 6th June - Processing Nic Goodey 12th July
Shane Rimmer 21st June Philip Jackson 25th July
Yvonne Antrobus 23rd June Daphne Ashbrook 28th August
James Bolam 3rd July Paul McGann 28th august
Sheila Reid 3rd July Yee Jee Tso 28th August
Susan Jameson 3rd July Jill Curzon 4th September
Sylvia Syms 3rd July
Tom Chadbon 6th July