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Private Signing - Philip Hurd-Wood 29th Feb 2016

Philip Hurd-Wood
We are please to be able to announce a private signing with Philip Hurd-Wood
Philip has agreed to sign your personal items or photographs.

All items must be with us by 29th February

Profits from this signing will go towards helping Project Motorhouse
Send your personnal items in to us, this can be CD, DVD covers pictures etc
for Philip to sign or order a signed 10 by 8 that Philip will be happy to dedicate to you.
Clck 'Personal Items' below to order your personal items signed. Please send your items to:
10th Planet Events Ltd
4 Willow Tree Farm Cottages
Main Road
Deeping St Nicholas
PE11 3BN
United Kingdom

Alternateively, you can order a 10x8 which we will provide, do this by cclicking 'Autograph Pre-Order' below. You can enter your preference for the type of picture you want, for example: Close up face shot from Doctor Who