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Private Signing - Josette Simon, 16th July 2016

We are pleased to be able to announce a Private Signing with Josette Simon
Send your personal items in to us this can be
CD, DVD covers, Pictures, Books and Posters, etc for Josette to sign.
Or you can order a signed 10 x 8 picture which we will provide, do this by cliching 'Autograph Pre-Order' below that Josette will be happy to dedicate to you. 
You can enter your preference for the type of picture you want for example:  Close up face shot from Blake's 7 etc.  Thank you for your orders, we will be sending your items out on 12th June 2016

All items must be with us by Wed 16th June 2016
Update 17th June 2016: Private Signing in progress, we will be meeting with Jossette Saturday and will be posting out your items early next week.  Thank you

Click 'Personal Items' below to order your personal items signed.  Please send your items to:
10th Planet Events Limited
4 Willowtree Farm Cottages, Main Road, Deeping St Nicholas
SPALDING, Lincolnshire, PE11 3BN, United Kingdom

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Mini Biography

After leaving Central School of Speech and Drama Josette was chosen to play the part of Dayna Mellanby in the third and fourth seasons of the television sci-fi series Blake's 7. Her recent television work includes roles in Lewis, Casualty, Skins, Midsomer Murders, The Last Detective, Death in Paradise and the Poirot episode "The Mystery of the Blue Train".

Josette's film appearances include Cry Freedom and Milk and Honey, for which she was nominated for a Best Actress award.
In 1992 she starred alongside Brenda Fricker in the TV film Seekers, produced by Sarah Lawson.  Josette is also a notable stage actress who has performed frequently with the Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company, being cast as one of the three 'weird sisters' in Macbeth alongside Kathy Behean, Lesley Sharp and Bob Peck who played the lead.

As a black actress, she has been at the forefront of 'colour-blind casting', frequently taking roles traditionally considered white. One example is Maggie in Arthur Miller's After the Fall, which has been said to have been based on Marilyn Monroe, former wife of Miller, a performance which won Josette the Evening Standard's Best Actress award in 1990, as well as several Best Actress nominations.  She was also nominated for a Best Actress award for her performance in Golden Girls at the RSC.
In 2009 she appeared in the inaugural episode of the resurrected TV series Minder.

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