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Postal Signings

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Daphne Ashbrook - Processing
Yee Jee Tso - Processing

Due to long running Canadian Postal dispute , which has now finished. 
Items due back to us on or around the 7th February 2019 from Daphne and Yee Jee.

Paul McGann  -  Processing
Amanda Lawrence  -  Processing
Simon Manyonda - 20th December extended to 24th - Open
Linda Clark  -  20th December extended to 24th  -  Open
William Russell  -  Processing
Michael Keating  -  Processing
Sally Knyvette  -  20th January  -  Open
Jackie Lane  -  20th January  -  Open
John Levene  -  20th January  -  Open
Richard Franklin  -  20th January  -  Open