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Papillon Soo Soo from "A View to a Kill" "Pan Ho" signed 10 by 8

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 Papillon Soo Soo "A View to a Kill" "Pan Ho" signed 10 by 8

In the pre-title credits sequence set in snow-bound Siberia in Russia, Bond (Roger Moore) uncovered the buried corpse of Agent 003, using a miniature Geiger counter (microchip tracker) that detected a microchip hidden in a heart-shaped picture locket (portraying his family?) around his neck. After retrieving the microchip, he fled on skis - battling Russian ski troops from the Siberian research center. He hijacked one of their snowmobiles until it was blown up by a helicopter, and then continued downhill on a modified snowboard (to the accompaniment of the Beach Boys' 'California Girls'). He used his flare gun to send a blinding explosive into a pursuing helicopter's cabin, causing it to crash into an ice floe (# 1-2 deaths, # 1-2 Bond kills). Afterwards, he reached a British mini-submarine disguised as an iceberg, piloted by pretty agent Kimberley Jones (Mary Stavin). As the submarine surged ahead on auto-pilot, she was thrown into his arms on the luxurious sofa, where he unzipped the front of her jumpsuit as she exclaimed: "Oh, Commander Bond." He charmingly replied: "Call me James. It's five days to Alaska" as they kissed


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