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Nick Hobbs (Doctor Who, Blake's 7. Batman, Superman etc) #3

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 Nick Hobbs

The Ambassadors Of Death', played 'TECHNICIAN'
   'Terror Of The Autons', played 'AUTON'
   : 'The Mind Of Evil', played 'AMERICAN AIDE'
   ' The Mind Of Evil', played 'UNIT SOLDIER/STAFF'
   The Claws Of Axos', played 'DOUBLE FOR AXON MAN'
   The Claws Of Axos', played 'NUTON DRIVER'
   The Day Of The Daleks', played 'EXTRA AT PEACE CONFERENCE'
   The Curse Of Peladon', played 'AGGEDOR'
   The Time Monster', played 'EXTRA'
   The Time Monster', played 'GUARD'
   The Monster Of Peladon', played 'AGGEDOR'
   The Ark In Space', played 'WIRRN OPERATOR'

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