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Matt Doman signed 10 by 8 #5

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Matt Doman. As you see, he has made a number of appearances in Dr Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • Cyberman
  • Slab (Smith and Jones)
  • Scarecrow (The Family of Blood)
  • Clockwork Droid (The Girl in the Fireplace)
  • Sycorax (The Christmas Invasion)
  • Ood (The End of Time)
  • Red and Yellow Dalek (Victory of the Daleks)
  • Rory's friend (The Vampires of Venice)
  • Roman Soldier (The Pandorica Opens)
  • Air Raid Warden - Speaking part - BBC Dr WHO Proms 2010
  • Man in Black no.1 - The Sarah Jane Adventures 
  • One of Johnson's main guards -Torchwood: Children of Earth
  • Cyberman – Photo shoot at St Paul's in London / live performance at Mill Lane in 2009 / live performance in Cardiff to promote the 2010 online Doctor Who game
  • Cyberman and Ood in the Live Monster tours of the South coast of England in 2010
  • Cyberman in Dr WHO monster road shows (live performances) April 2010
  • Black Hoard - The Sarah Jane Adventures - 2010
  • Jadoon - The Sarah Jane Advent screening 2009 in Liverpool

Welsh-born Matt Doman is a highly versatile actor / presenter who has appeared in numerous productions including Torchwood and Doctor Who.


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