Hub 6 - 20-22 May 2011

>>>  Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd May 2011 <<<
Our current guests include:  Gerard Carey "Greg",  Ben Loyd-Holmes "The Operative", Colin MacFarlane "General Pierce", Clare Clifford "Milton", James Moran "Writer", Olivia Hallinan "Emma", Bear Mccausland "Jack's Grandson", Rhodri Lewis "lanto Jone's"   
Further guests to be announced! All guests appear subject to work committments.
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Gerard Carey guest starred in two episodes of Torchwood's second season playing "Greg". He appeared in the episodes "Meat" and "Out of the Rain".

Carey has also appeared on the TV series "Love Soup" and "Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog". His other credits include "The Visit" (1992), "St. Ives" (1998) and "Spoon" (2011), and various short filmes including "Freeloaders", "Zulu 9" and "Prey Alone".

For more information on Gerard Carey, click here to view his profile.
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Joining the Torchwood cast for its third season is Ben Loyd-Holmes playing the role of the "The Operative" throughout the five-episode series.

Lloyd-Holmes has also worked on the mini-series "Band of Brothers", done a guest appearance on "Bones" in the 2008 episode 'Yanks in the U.K.' with other TV credits including "Whitechapel" and "Dead Ringers". He is also directing and starring in the TV movie "Black Book" due for release in 2009.

Fore more information on Ben Loyd-Holmes,
click here to view his profile.
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Colin MacFarlane took on the recurring role of "General Pierce" in the third season of Torchwood "Children of Earth" appearing in Days 3-5.

Colin may be recognisable for his role as 'Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb' in the Batman movies "Batman Begins" (2005) and "The Dark Knight" (2008). Other movie credits include "Fragile" (2005) and 2001's animated "Christmas Carol: The Movie". MacFarlane has worked on numerous British television series with a recurring role as 'Newman Mason Allen QC' on "Judge John Deed" and appearances on "Dempsey and Makepeace", "The Thin Blue Line", "Black Books", "The Fast Show", "As If", "Jonathan Creek", "Doctor Who" and "Collision".

For more information on Colin MacFarlane,
click here to view his imdb profile
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James Moran wrote the Torchwood episodes Sleeper and Children of Earth: Day Three, the
Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompeii and the script for the third Adventure Game, entitled TARDIS.
He also wrote the Short Trips story Critical Mass for Short Trips: Volume 2.
James Moran imdb click here
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Clare Clifford guest starred in the episode 'Fragments' in Torchwood's second season playing "Milton". She also appeared in the 4-episode arc 'Earthshock' of "Doctor Who" in 1982 as 'Kyle'.

Clifford has also appeared in a number of other British television series including 6 episodes of "Emmerdale", several episodes of "The Bill", plus "This Life", "Casualty" and many more.

For more information on Clare Clifford,
click here to view her profile.
Olivia Hallinan appeared in season one of Torchwood as "Emma" one of the characters that arrived by plane through a rift in time. Emma befriended Gwen during the episode and stayed with her and Rhys. Having adjusted well to modern life Emma said farewell to Gwen and headed to London. She is set to return in season four of Torchwood.

Hallinan has been in a number of other hit UK tv series including starring alongside Lenora Crichlow in "Sugar Rush" throughout both seasons, and is currently starring as 'Laura Timmins' in "Lark Rise to Candleford". She has also had recurring roles on "Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde" and "Girls in Love".

For more information on Olivia Hallinan,
click here to view her imdb profile.
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Bear McCausland joined the Torchwood series for "Children of Earth" playing 'Steven Carter' who is Jack's grandson. Bear appeared in all five episodes of season three. Steven was unaware of Jack's immorality and believed him instead to be his uncle. Due to his age he was one of the children affected by the invasion of the 4-5-6. Jack used his grandson to help bring down the 4-5-6, but this had dire consequences.

For more information on Bear McCausland, click here to view his imdb profile
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Rhodri Lewis played 'Johnny Davies' in Torchwood's third season "The Children of Earth". Johnny is the husband of Rhiannon Davies, Ianto's sister. He and his wife have two children Mica and David. Ianto comes into their lives to try to gain access to their children to understand the chanting. He later assists in looking after the neighbourhood children with his wife for a price.

Lewis has also appeared in the BBC series "Being Human" as 'Young Tom' in the episode "The Pack" and appeared as 'Nev' in comedy series "Gavin and Stacey".

For more information on Rhodri Lewis, click here to view his imdb profile.
Unfortunately due to work commitments James Marsters is on this occasion unable to be able to join us at the Hub 6
We will be offering professional photo sessions with our attending guests on the Saturday and Sunday of the event. A professional photographer will take your photo with the guest (prices for each guest listed below) and it will be printed as a 9x6 photograph to be collected over the weekend.

Please note that if a guest who is doing a photo shoot cancels then we WILL be refunding the full amount back to the people who have purchased a ticket unless this is a group photo where you will not be refunded unless more than half the guests of that particular photo shoot cancel.

If you are ordering photo shoot ticket online, please be sure to select 'Free P&P PHOTOSHOOT' from the 'Shipping Method' choices, as you will receive your photo session tickets in your registration pack at the event. Photo sessions can be purchased from our Online Store. below

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Photo shoot tickets will also be available to purchase at the registration desk throughout the course of the weekend, it is not a necessity to purchase online prior to the event.

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Included in your programme entry you get one free autograph from each guest attending which you can get on any item that you choose. If however you wish to purchase an additional autograph from any of the guests you can do so. These are on sale in the online store (below) prior to the event, and will also be on sale at the registration desk throughout the course of the weekend. There is no limit on how many autographs you can purchase online.

If you are ordering an extra autograph online, please be sure to select 'Free P&P PHOTOSHOOT' from the 'Shipping Method' choices, as you will receive your extra autograph vouchers in your registration pack at the event. (Your orders will be matched up to your previous order for the programme, and added to that pack, so if you are ordering on behalf of someone else those vouchers will be added to your pack.)
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>>> Party Themes Announced!

Coming soon!
There are numerous events going to be taking place over the weekend, and here is a list of what you can expect to see there.
· Opening and closing ceremonies
· Exclusive cocktail party
· Autograph sessions
· Professional photo-shoot sessions
· 2 themed parties on the Friday & Saturday nights
· 1 'chill out' party on the Sunday night
· Guest talks and panels
· Quiz
· Souvenir programme
· Dealers room
· And much more!!
When more information is announced on the parties, or on new events, they will be posted here right away!
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 All actors appear subject to work commitments
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