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Flight Through Eternity

Flight Through Eternity:

ADRIAN GIDDS - (The Watcher)
MARTIN NEIL - (Maddox in Warriors of the Deep)
LEEE JOHN (Mansell - Enlightenment)
JOHN GILLETT (Gravis - Frontios)
ROY HOLDER (Krapler - Caves of Androzani)
MIKE MELT (Special Effects)
SIAN PATTENDEN (Tegan - Mawdred Undead)
ROGER LIMB (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
SARAH PRINCE (Karuna - Kinda),
IAN COLLIER (Omega - Arc of Infinity)
ADRIAN MILLS - played Aris in Kinda
RAY FLOAT - played the Sgt. in The 5 Doctors
SID SUTTON - Designed Title Sequence
KEITH HODIAK - Raston Warrior Robot
KEITH DRINKEL - Flight Engineer Scobie
More details of the venue (close to Piccadilly Circus underground station)

Breaking the mould of ‘traditional’ Dr Who events, Flight Through Eternity - The Davison Era is themed around the 5th Doctor, and every guest who’s attending worked on or starred in the show between 1981 and 1984. It’s a line-up the likes of which you’ll not have seen elsewhere and likely won’t do again!

Of huge interest to autograph collectors, although primarily a signing event there will be plenty more to keep you occupied during the day from a display of props, a cinema showing reconstructed missing stories (with the occasional ‘live commentary’ from some of the actors), and dealers offering a range of official BBC photographs and some ‘classic’ stock. There’s even a fully licensed bar which also sell hot/cold food!

We’ll once again be holding a series of ‘I Remember When…’ guest lounges. You, a moderator and guest(s),  get to put your feet up and relax. The moderator isn’t there to interview the guest as any questions/topics of conversation come from you and the other fans! You can chat about – well, anything you like really!

It really is a unique day with many of the guests making a rare UK appearance!
You’d be crazy to miss out! The cinema and guest lounge don’t cost anything and are included in the nominal £10 entry fee!