ODP Autograph Show - November 2016

"I loved every minute , but more to the point ,Thank you !!!" David

"Thank you for putting on a great day I enjoyed my self and meeting Tom Baker for the 23rd time was tomtastic. Thanks again for a tomtastic day" - Tracy

"What an awesome day Thank you all so much for making my journey from abroad more than worthwhile "Javi

"Thank you all for a great day we travelled from Scotland and it was worth the journey" Carole

"Thank you for an amazing day it was great looking forward to the next one" - Jonathan

"I such a great time, thank you so much xxx"  - Tricia

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Dimensions 2016 - October 2016

"Thanks for a fantastic weekend at Dimensions in Newcastle. I have had such a brilliant time" - Jenny

"Thanks, this was my first DW convention, won't be my last as you gave me a positive impression of conventions" - Rachel

"Thank you for hosting it again! I loved it! Will be back next year 100%" - David

"Me and my friends had a great time" - Zak

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