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1. What are 10th Planet guests, Big Finish guests and Sponsored guests? 
You receive 1 free autograph for each 10th Planet guest, and you are able to prepurchase autographs and photo shoots for these guests. These guests will also hold photo shoots

Big Finish guests will have a table selling Big Finish merchandise and they will sign these items for free. They are not included in the ticket price. You cannot 
prepurchase autographs and photo shoots for these guests. These guests will not hold photo shoots

Sponsored guests have a charge per autograph.
You cannot prepurchase autographs and photo shoots for these guests. These guests will not hold photo shoots.

2. Are the pictures for the guests to sign included in ticket price?
In your ticket price you get 1 free autograph from 10th Planet Guests. However, this does not include the photograph itself, these will be on sale for £3 each or 4 for £10. You can also bring your own items to get signed. 

3. Will tickets be available to buy on the day?
If the event doesn't sell out then yes, there will be.But if the event does sell out then sadly they will not be tickets for sale on the day.

4. What time does registration open? 
On the Friday, registration will open at 9 am and remain open throughout the day, so you can arrive at any time and still be able to sign in. It will open at 7 am on Saturday, and 8 am on Sunday

5. What if I can't make it but want autographs from the guests?
We offer a service for this situation, simply click the pre-orders tab on the Dimensions site, and select 'autograph pre-order' we will get pictures signed for you and post them to you the following week. 

6. Is there a schedule for this event?
A schedule will be released for each of the 3 days of Dimensions , this will be released ahead of the event to give you time to plan. The schedules will be released when they are in a finished state. 

Do I have to get pre order tickets for autographs or can I just queue up on the day to get autographs. 
You can queue up and get autographs on the day. The benefit of pre ordering is if a guest receives a high volume of autograph orders then we may have to stop selling them to ensure the guest has time to sign everything and no one is left disappointed.

8. I have already ordered 4 photo shoot tickets for the event. If I order more will they all be put in one batch or different batches?
On the day you will receive a ‘pack’ from registration. This will contain your ticket and anything else you have ordered. So any further photo shoot tickets you buy will be added to your pack.