David Ajala DOCTOR WHO The Beast Below genuine signed autograph 10x8 COA 3515

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Signed 10 x 8 Photograph. This is an original autograph and not a copy.

David Ajala from Doctor Who The Beast Below signed 10 by 8

The Doctor and Amy arrive on the Starship UK, a colony spaceship containing the population of the United Kingdom having left the planet to escape deadly solar flares in the 29th century (except for the population of Scotland, which has opted for a separate spaceship). They happen upon a crying girl, Mandy, whom all the other adults aboard consciously ignore. The Doctor, having discovered the ship does not seem powered by normal engines, tells Amy to follow Mandy while he explores the engine room. There, he finds the engine controls to be a false front, and encounters a masked woman, Liz 10, who also is aware of the oddness of the ship and the Doctor's identity.

Meanwhile, Amy catches up to Mandy who explains she had lost her friend to the "beast below" after he refused to follow the advice of the robotic-like 'Smilers' that keep watch over the ship. Amy discovers a tent covering a hole in the ship, which Mandy attempts to dissuade her from exploring. Amy finds a tentacle-like creature from the pit and quickly leaves the tent into the hands of monk-like Winders that have arrived. Amy is taken to one of many voting booths on the ship. An automated video explains each adult comes to vote every 5 years after being shown the truth of Starship UK. After the video, Amy is given the opportunity to either "protest" the result, or to have the booth make her "forget" the last twenty minutes. Amy chooses to forget, but not before recording a video to herself after the memory wipe to warn herself to get the Doctor off the ship. The Doctor and Mandy arrive; the Doctor explores the booth's equipment and triggers the "protest" sequence that sends him and Amy into the bowels of the ship.

They discover themselves in the mouth of a giant creature, but manage to escape with Liz 10's help. Liz 10 reveals herself to be Queen Elizabeth the Tenth, and is troubled by what she has seen since the Doctor arrived. The Doctor begins to question Liz 10's age, which she believes is around 50, having become Her Majesty since she was 40 but her body has been locked in its youthful appearance. The Winders arrive and take Liz 10, the Doctor, Amy, and Mandy to the Tower of London where the truth is fully revealed; all of Starship UK rides atop a giant star whale that provides the ship's motion. The star whale, believed to be the last of its kind, arrived at Earth at the time of the solar flares, and was captured and used to construct the ship. However, in order to direct the star whale, its brain has been exposed to receive frequent jolts of electricity. The Winders show that Liz 10 ordered this, centuries ago, but every ten years has wiped her memory to prevent herself from remembering, and implemented the voting programming to do the same to the population, out of fear that freeing the whale will destroy the ship and kill everyone aboard.

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