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Chris Barrie Tomb Raider genuine signed autograph 10x8 COA 2411

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Chris Barrie Signed 10x8 photo from Tomb Raider

Barrie played the character Arnold Rimmer in nine series of Red Dwarf. A central character, Barrie appeared as Rimmer in almost every episode of the series, absent only for a brief period during series 7. For the majority of the series the character of Arnold Rimmer was a hologram, requiring Barrie to wear an "H" on his forehead during filming. The character is described as self-centred, neurotic, cowardly and luckless with the ladies. According to Barrie, during a DVD commentary for Red Dwarf, he is the only member of the Red Dwarf cast who was thought to be "legit" (i.e. an actual actor) by original Kryten actor David Ross. Whether or not the remark was in jest is unclear, but, unlike poet Craig Charles, dancer Danny John-Jules and stand-up comedian Norman Lovett, Barrie was the only cast member with prior acting experience.

When a pilot for an American version of the show was produced, Barrie was invited to reprise his role as Rimmer. He passed up the offer because of the constraint of the five series contract which is standard for American television. Robert Llewellyn was the only cast member of the British show to participate in the pilot. The pilot was not picked up and the series was never made.

Barrie was also cast for a movie version of Red Dwarf which has yet to be made. According to the official Red Dwarf website, the creators of the show are continuing to pursue funding for the project. However, many cast members have commented that they do not believe the film will be made.

Barrie reprised his role as Arnold Rimmer for three new Red Dwarf specials, Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, for the UK digital channel Dave, shown during Easter 2009

This is an orginal autograph not a copy


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