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Arthur Darvill "Rory Williams" (Doctor Who) #2

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At the close of Cold Blood, Rory Williams took a shot intended for the Doctor. It was a selfless act, typical of a man so brave, so kind, so committed to his friends. Amy Pond may have forgotten Rory, but we never shall.

Rory was Amy's boyfriend, a straightforward sort of bloke who worked as a nurse. He grew up with Amy and when they were children she made him dress up as her 'raggedy Doctor'. That's why Rory entered the medical profession.

Rory displayed compassion and inquisitiveness, and as we saw, he was capable of great bravery and endurance. Throughout his travels in the TARDIS his love for Amy never faltered and he developed a friendship with the Doctor, although the Time Lord sometimes exasperated him.

Before the fateful events of Cold Blood, Rory saw an incredible universe - vast and varied and incredible. But Amy Pond always remained at the centre of his world.


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