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Andy Jones Weevil from Torchwood signed Autograph

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Weevils were roughly humanoid in shape and size, but were a bit taller and had flattened faces with many sharp, fang-like teeth. Though faster and stronger than Humans, they were not extraordinarily powerful and could be injured with electricity, brute force or by Torchwood's anti-Weevil spray—though they began to develop a resistance to the spray. (TW: Combat)

Though not quite cold-blooded, Weevils had a much lower body temperature than Humans. (TWN: Slow Decay) Weevils had an advanced digestive system, allowing them to eat almost anything, though they preferred meat. (TW: Everything Changes, TWN: Slow Decay) They had powerful teeth and killed by ripping out the throat. (TW: Countrycide, TWN: Something in the Water) Their digestive system was connected to their circulatory system, meaning that anything that got in it (be it bacteria or bullets) would eventually be digested. (TWN: Slow Decay) The Pharm was able to extract a pesticide and a powerful defoliant from the Weevils. (TW: Reset)


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