Aftermath - Blakes 7

Just finished at Aftermath here are a few picture from the weekend (Picture are all from Ali)
Blake's 7 reunion for the 30th Anniverary,
The Park Inn Northampton
5th to 7th September, 2008
Glynis Barber maker her first ever convention appearence.
Also jacqueline pearce making a rare UK return visit from South Africa
The guests for this event include: Gareth Thomas "Blake"; Paul Darrow "Avon"; Jacqueline Pearce "Servalan"; Michael Keating "Vila"; Steven Pacey "Tarrant"; Glynis Barber "Soolin"; Brian Croucher "Travis"; Jan Chappell "Cally"; Sally Knyvette "Jenna"; Chris Boucher Writer/Script Editor, Mat Irvine, Peter Roy & Barry Summerford

We are glad to be welcoming Mike Mungarvan who has appeared in many Blake's 7 and Doctor Who stories and has also been in Dempsey & Makepeace.
Also in attendance will be
Andrew Mark SewellExecutive Producer of the live action series for SKY I (Saturday only), Pleasenote that this will be the only event that Andrew will attend this year.
Ben Aaronovitch(also the script editor on the live action series) plus the writer of B7 “Rebel”, “When Vila Met Gan” & 2 classic Doctor Who Stories “Battlefield” and “Remembrance of the Daleks”
Marc PlattWriter of “traitor” for B7 Media and Doctor Who classic story “Ghost light”.
James Swallow writer of the Blake’s 7 audio “Liberator” ,Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek Voyager
and Alistair Lock  who besides his connection to B7 media has done so much for Big Finish Productions Doctor Who, Bennie etc.Also Alistair appears in “when Vila Met Gan”
on stage talks, photo studio, autographs, party fun, wine reception, etc