Welcome to 10th Planet Events and Autographs

Welcome to 10th Planet Events and Autographs.  Over the years we have built up a vast archive of Celebrity, Film, TV, Sport and Historic Genuine Signed Autographs, meeting Actors and Guests personally at our, and other events including many Private Signings.

We plan on adding many New Genuine Signed Autographs to the 10th Planet Website over the next few years.  

We have been able to work with amazing Guests, Actors, Writers, Producers, and Historic figures including Astronauts, WWII Pilots and many more.   During this time, we ran many Conventions, Monthly Signings and had the joy of taking guests to shows throughout the UK, New York, and LA. 

Throughout this period, we also had the pleasure to manage many Charity Events helping to raise thousands of pounds for good causes.

Please look at our Autograph Categories we are updating these on a weekly basis. 

Happy to answer any questions.

Kind Regards

Caroline and Derek

10th Planet Events and Autographs

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Roger Moore Susan George
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 Jim Lovell Sir Patrick Moore