Welcome to 10th Planet Events & Autographs

Our aim is to let you have the opportunity to meet the stars from TV and Film and get their autographs, we are possibly best known for bringing you guests from Doctor Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf and Blake's 7.

But we offer much more having also been proud to have had the opportunity of working with Sir Roger Moore, David Tennant, David Warner, Eric Roberts, Brian Blessed, Alvin Stardust, Sam Fox and from history Moon Walker David Scott, Apollo 13's Jim Lovell, Helen Sharman OBE the 1st Britain to go into space plus many WWII veterans.

Our aim is always to offer the best in product and the best entertainment at our shows and events we attend all over the country.

Bernard Padden Mary Healey Crawford Logan
Richard Franklin Terence Wilton Roy Scammell
 Celia Imrie Marina Martin Pik-Sen Lin
9 amazing guests at our signing on the 8th June
Bonnie Langford Matthew Waterhouse Michael morris Owen
Brigit Forsyth Charlotte Lewis Ellen Dietz
Tom Baker at Big Finsh Day 3 Debbie Watling at Gallifray 2013 Carole Ann Ford at Big Finish Day 3
Derek Martin Sam Fox David Scott
Mark Strickson Gallifray 2013 Freema Gallifray 2013 Peter Purves Gallifray 2013
Sonny Caldinez 6/10/12 Katy Manning 20/10/12 Primi Townsend 6/10/12
Alexandra Moen fom Invasion Shelia Reid 20/10/12 Maureen O,Brien 6/10/12
Daniela Denby-Ashe The Hub 3 Nikki Amuka-Bird
roger moore.jpg
David Tennant Caroline and Derek Sir Roger Moore
In LA at Gallifray with
Peter Purves, Frances Barber,
Mark Strickson,
Debbie Watling & Stephen Thorne
5 Doctors at Project MotorMouth 4 Doctors & Derek at Project MotorMouth 4 Doctors at Project MotorMouth
Project MotorMouth raised £30,920.63
Carole Ann Ford, william Russell,
Frances White & Margot Hayhoe
Lynda Bellingham Sue Longhurst
Greatest Show DVD Re-union Richard Briers Lalla Ward
Lalla Ward Lalla Ward Arnold Yarrow
Skye Bennett 5 Doctors Caitlin Blackwood
Patricia Quinn Derek & one of the stars of Dr Who Patricia Quinn
Torchwood group shot Highlander shot Peter Davison
Tom Baker 8th Doctor Movie Re-union William Russell
Time Quest 2 Elisabeth Sladen Helen Sharman
jim lovell.jpg
Noel Clarke Jim Lovell Eric Roberts
patric moore.jpg
Russell T. Davies Billie Piper Sir Patrick Moore
susan george.jpg
Susan George Camille Coudri David Warner
David Tennant John Barrowman Bond Re-union