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The Movie DVD signed by Sylvester McCoy, Yee Jee Tso & Daphne Ashbrook
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The Movie DVD signed by Sylvester McCoy, Yee Jee Tso & Daphne Ashbrook

The Inferno is the nickname given to a project to penetrate the Earth's crust to penetrate pockets of Stahlman's Gas at its core, which is theorised to be able to provide endless energy. Professor Stahlman himself is ill tempered and obsessive about any interference with the progress of his work. Sir Keith Gold, the project director, is concerned about this and tells Petra Williams, Stahlman's assistant that he is calling Greg Sutton, an oil drilling expert, to consult on safety issues. UNIT is overseeing security at the project, and the Third Doctor is here too. He is using the output of the project's nuclear reactor to power experiments on the TARDIS console, which has been made portable, hoping to end the exile on Earth imposed on him by the Time Lords (The War Games).

Doctor Who is a television movie based on the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Developed as a co-production amongst Universal Television, BBC Television, BBC Worldwide, and the Fox Network, the 1996 television film premiered on 12 May 1996 on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — fifteen days before its first showing in the United Kingdom on BBC One, and two days before being broadcast in the United States on Fox.

The film was the first attempt to revive Doctor Who, following its cancellation in 1989. It was intended as a back door pilot for a new American-produced Doctor Who TV series, and introduced Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in his only televised appearance as the character. Although a ratings success in the United Kingdom, the film did not fare well on American television, and no new series was purchased. The series was later relaunched on the BBC in 2005.[1]

Although the film was primarily produced by different hands from the 1963-89 series, and intended for an American audience, the producers chose not to produce a "reimagining" or "reboot" of the series (examples of such proposals can be found in Jean-Marc Lofficier's book The Nth Doctor (Virgin Publishing, 1997)), but rather a continuation of the original narrative. The production was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, to date the only episode of Doctor Who filmed in Canada.

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