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The Judgement of Isskar signed by Ciara Janson
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The Judgement of Isskar

 The Judgement of Isskar 

  • This is the first appearance of Amy, who travels with the Doctor through The Destroyer of Delights and The Chaos Pool. Her sister Zara appears in this story and returns in The Chaos Pool. What Zara was doing just before Judgement of Isskar and how she met Harmonious 14 Zink are explored in the Companion Chronicles story The Prisoner's Dilemma, where she encounters the Seventh Doctor's companion Ace, although the Doctor avoids contact with her due to his awareness of her final fate.
  • The original quest for the Key to Time occurred between The Ribos Operation and The Armageddon Factor and featured the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9.
  • The Fifth Doctor was also on Mars with the Ice Warriors in Red Dawn.
  • This play occurs while the Doctor is traveling with Peri, but they have been intentionally separated until the Key is found, with time on the world where Amy makes contact with the Doctor being frozen while the Doctor and Peri are separated until the Doctor has helped Amy recover the segments.
  • This story continues in The Destroyer of Delights.

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