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'Vampires of Venice'
      SATURDAY  SIGNING 5TH June 2010 
10.00 am AM  till  1.00 PM
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"Tell me the whole plan! One day that'll work..." - The Doctor
Vampires of Venice is the name of the sixth episode of Series 5 to be aired sometime in Spring 2010. Some sources identify the title as Vampires in Venice, but BBC publicity and the episode's author are not using this title.
In Venice, even danger is beautiful. The House of Calvierri has the whole city under its protection, but something is very wrong. There are blood-drained corpses in the street, something lurks in the canal, and the Calvierri girls are the loveliest in town, except when you glance in the mirror...
Elizabeth started her career as a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, and performed with them in several projects, including Faliraki: A Greek Tragedy at the Lyric Hammersmith in 2004. She studied at ALRA and graduated in 2007 going straight into the West End in Swimming With Sharks.
Since graduating she has filmed features The Wolf Man (with Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt); Beyond The Pole and The Other Boleyn Girl. Her TV includes Doctor Who, Casualty (2 Eps); Hustle (Series 5); Doctors and Rosemary & Thyme.
On stage she has played Mitzy in Swimming with Sharks at the Vaudeville with Christian Slater and Matt Smith. This year she will film The Beautiful Outsiders with Shannen Doherty and Cameron Douglas.
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Jackie Lane  is an English actress noted for her role as Dodo Chaplet, a companion of the Doctor, in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.
She played the part from February to July 1966 alongside William Hartnell as the Doctor.
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"Doctor Who" (19 episodes)
  1. Bell of Doom (26 February 1966) - Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet 
  2. The Steel Sky (5 March 1966) - Dodo 
  3. The Plague (12 March 1966) - Dodo 
  4. The Return (19 March 1966) - Dodo 
  5. The Bomb (26 March 1966) - Dodo 
  6. The Celestial Toyroom (2 April 1966) - Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet 
  7. The Hall of Dolls (9 April 1966) - Dodo 
  8. The Dancing Floor (16 April 1966) - Dodo 
  9. The Final Test (23 April 1966) - Dodo 
  10. A Holiday for the Doctor (30 April 1966) - Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet 
  11. Don't Shoot the Pianist (7 May 1966) - Dodo 
  12. Johnny Ringo (14 May 1966) - Dodo 
  13. The OK Corral (21 May 1966) - Dodo 
  14. The Savages: Episode 1 (28 May 1966) - Dodo 
  15. The Savages: Episode 2 (4 June 1966) - Dodo 
  16. The Savages: Episode 3 (11 June 1966) - Dodo 
  17. The Savages: Episode 4 (18 June 1966) - Dodo 
  18. The War Machines: Episode 1 (25 June 1966) - Dodo 
  19. The War Machines: Episode 2 (2 July 1966) - Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet   
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John the Voice of the
terrifying Monoids. 
Appearing in the 'The Bomb'
and 'The Return'
  1. "My Hero" .... Tom (1 episode, 2001)
        - Parents (2001)
    TV episode .... Tom
  2. "The Bill" .... Newsagent (1 episode, 1993)
        - Missing (1993)
    TV episode .... Newsagent
  3. "Waiting for God" .... M.C. (1 episode, 1991)
        - Glamorous Grannies (1991)
    TV episode (voice) .... M.C.
  4. Little Dorrit (1988) .... Mr. Mortimer
  5. "A Very Peculiar Practice" .... Waiter (1 episode, 1988)
        - Bad Vibrations (1988)
    TV episode .... Waiter
  6. "Me and My Girl" .... Domestic Bleach (1 episode, 1985)
        - Nothing Like a Quiet Sunday (1985)
    TV episode .... Domestic Bleach
  7. "The Sweeney" .... Betty (1 episode, 1975)
        - Big Brother (1975)
    TV episode .... Betty
  8. "General Hospital" (1972) TV series .... Arnold Capper (unknown episodes, 1973-1977)
  9. Poor Cow (1967) .... Photographer
  10. "King of the River" .... Waiter (1 episode, 1966)
        - Susanna Goes Fishing (1966)
    TV episode .... Waiter
  11. "Doctor Who" .... Monoid Voices / ... (2 episodes, 1966)
        - The Bomb (1966)
    TV episode (voice) .... Monoid Voices
        - The Return (1966)
    TV episode (voice) .... Monoids
VENUE     -      Barking Learning Centre
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Barking Learning Centre, 2 Town Square, Barking, IG11 7NB

Tel: 020 8724 8710
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Autographs are charged at £10 each on the day of the signing, on a personal item or on a free photograph provided on the day.  Buy four autographs get a fifth free, e.g buy eight autographs get two free etc.
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