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Jeff Wayne 
Nina de Cosimo
Susannah Fielding
Paul Kennington
Will be signing on the 11th December 2010
10.00am to 1.00pm at the Broadway Theatre, Barking
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Nina De Cosimo 1.jpg
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Jeff Wayne (Dr.Who) Cyberman leader (holding rail) 3.jpg
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Jeff Wayne (Dr.Who) Cyberman leader (holding rail) 3.jpg
Jeff Wayne (Dr.Who) Grim Reaper-with Peter Davison(2) 1.jpg
Jeff Wayne (Dr.Who) 1980 Planet of Kings (Tom Baker) 2.jpg
Jeff Wayne
Jeff Wayne - Cyberman
Jeff Wayne  -  Grim Reaper
Jeff Wayne  - Planet of the Kings
Paul Kennington - Titans
Paul Kennington - Cyberman
Paul Kennington - Harry Potter
Paul Kennington - The Quantum of Solace
Paul Kennington - 28 weeks later
 victory of the dales poster 1.jpg
 Nina_DeCosimo 2.jpg
victory of the dales poster 1.jpg 
 Nina_DeCosimo 2.jpg
victory of the dales poster 1.jpg 
 Susannah Fielding
Nina de Cosimo - Blanche 
Nina de Cosimo - Blanche 
 Susannah Fielding
Jeff Wayne (Dr.Who) Grim Reaper-with Peter Davison(2) 1.jpg
Jeff was the first Cyberman and Leader of the Cybermen.  He was also a King in Planet of Kings, plus a Grim Reaper, and various other characters.
 Season 16, story 099:'The Pirate Planet', played 'MENTIAD'
   Season 18, story 110:'The Leisure Hive', played 'ARGLIN/PANGOL IMAGE'
   Season 18, story 114:Warriors gate
   Season 19, story 120:'The Visitation', played 'SCYTHEMAN'
   Season 19, story 122:'Earthshock', played 'CYBERMAN'
   Season 21, story 134:'Resurrection Of The Daleks', played 'TROOPER'
   Season 22, story 143:'Revelation Of The Daleks', played 'GUARD'
 Paul Kennington
Doctor Who
The Doctors Daughter 2008 - Doomsday 2006 - Army of Ghosts 2006 -  The Age of Steel 2006 - The Rise of the Cyberman 2006
Paul Kennington is a succesful British Stunt Co-Ordinator/Performer in the U.K for the past 10 years.

Pauls recent work includes upcoming hit feature films like Robin Hood, The Clash of the Titans, Sherlock Holmes, The imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Wolfman, Prince of Persia and Gullivers Travels!

He’s worked on such classics as the last 5 Harry Potter movies, James Bond: The Quantum of Solace, Shaun of the Dead, Batman Begins and Dark Knight and Doctor Who (Rise of the Cyberman, Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday and The Hath in Doctors Daughter.)
 Nina_DeCosimo 2.jpg
Nina de Cosimo  - Blanche
Doctor Who (TV series)– Victory of the Daleks (2010) … Blanche
2008 The Bill (TV series) Tracy Burfield– City Slickers (2008) … Tracy Burfield
2005 EastEnders (TV series)Sylvie – Episode dated 11 November 2005 (2005) … Sylvie
2002 The Incredibly Strange People Show (video)
victory of the daleks.jpg
The BroadwayTheatre
Barking, IG11 7LS

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