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Doctor Who: Kinda & Snakedance DVD Release Boxset 'Mara Tales' signed copy
Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos - Special Edition [DVD]
Doctor Who: The Dominators
Doctor Who: The Key To Time Box Set
Doctor Who: The Space Museum/The Chase
Doctor Who: The Visitation,  - Special Edition (1)
Dr Who DVD Trial of a time lord
Inferno DVD
K9 Series 1 Volume 1
K9 Series 1 Volume 2
Keys of Marinus DVD comes with 2 signatures
Mannequin Mania DVD Box Set signed by Prentis Hancock & Terence Dicks
Masque Of Mandragora DVD Doctor Who
Meglos Doctor Who
Mind Robber DVD
Nightmare of Eden
Paradise Towers Dr Who
Planet of Giants DVD signed by William russell
Planet of the Spiders DVD signed
Reign of Terror signed by William Russell
Revisitations DVD Boxset Volume 1 The Caves Of Androzani, The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Dr Who Movie
Revisitations Vol 2 Seeds of Death/Carnival of Monsters/Resurrection of the Daleks
Scream of the Shalka DVD
Shada and Legacy boxset signed by Lalla Ward + many more
St Trinian's DVD signed by Amara Karen
Terror of the Zygons DVD signed (7217)
The 10th Planet DVD with animated missing eposode signed
The Ambassadors of Death DVD signed pre-order
The Ark DVD   signed copy
The Beginning An Unearthly Child / The Daleks /The Edge of Destruction
The Black Guardian Trilogy (3 Disc) £39.99
The Complete Specials Box Set (Dr Who) (5 Discs)
The Day of the Daleks Dr Who signed copy
The Enemy Of The World DVD signed
The Face Of Evil - Doctor Who:

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