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"Animal" signed  Doctor Who Big Finish CD
"No More Lies" signed by Tom Chadbon Doctor Who Big Finish CD
"Rat Trap" signed  Doctor Who Big Finish CD
1001 Nights signed
1963: Fanfare for the Common Men signed by Sarah Sutton
1963: The Space Race
An Earthly Child
Army of Death signed by Alex Mallinson Doctor Who Big Finish CD
BBC CD Doctor Who Hornets Nest boxset signed by Richard Franklin
BBC CD Doctor Who Hornets Nest part 2 signed by Richard Franklin
BBC CD Hornets Nest part 1 signed by Richard Franklin
Beyond The Sea Bernice Summerfield
Big Finish "Crime of the Century"
Big Finish "Enemy Of The Daleks" signed by Bindya Solanki
Big Finish "Heroes of Sontar" signed by John Banks
Big Finish "Hothouse" signed by Barnaby Edwards
Big Finish "Kiss of Death"
Big Finish "Paper Cuts"
Big Finish "Return of the Krotons" signed by Colin Baker
Big Finish "The Blue Forgotten Planet" signed by Andree Bernard
Big Finish "The Magic Mousetrap" signed by Andrew Dickens
Big Finish "The Nightmare Fair" signed by Toby Longworth
Big Finish Red Dawn
Big Finish Sisters of the Flame
Big Finish The Chaos Pool signed by Laura Doddington
Big Finish The Death Collectors signed by Sylvester McCoy
Big Finish The Destroyer of Delights signed Will Barton
Black and White Doctor Who Big Finish CD
Black Orchid (Doctor Who)
Blake's 7 CD Box Set 1 signed by Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow & Michael Keating
Blue Box Boy read  CD 10th Planet Events Exclusive
Bonnie Jazz at the Theater CD + bonus track
City of Spires starring Colin Baker & Frazer Hines signed by Frazer Hines
Cobwebs Big Finish signed by Helen Griffin
Council of War
Counter-Measures: Series 2 Box Set
daleks among us signed by Tracey Childs
Daphne Ashbrook October signing pre-order CD "Grace Notes"
Death in Blackpool
Doctor Who: Aladdin Time:Sperpent Crest Pt. 3:   BBC CD

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