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Doctor Who: The Eternal Summer signed by Susan Brown
Doctor Who: THE HEXFORD INVASION:Sperpent Crest Pt. 4:   BBC CD
Earthshock Audio CD signed by Matthew Warerhouse & Eric Saward read by Peter Davison
Eldrad Must Die signed by Stephen Thorne Big Finish CD
energy of the daleks signed Doctor Who Big Finish CD
Fates, Flowers read & signed by Matthew Waterhouse CD10th Planet Events Exclusive
Ghostlight Doctor Who Soundtrack
Here There Be Monsters
Hexagora  signed  by Peter Davison Doctor Who Big Finish CD
Jago & Lightfoot Season 2 box set
John Levene "the Ballards of Sergent Benton" signed by John
Legend of the Cybermen
Leviathan "The Lost Stories" signed by Colin Baker
NEVERMORE  Doctor Who signed by Eric Loren
Phobos Starring Paul McGann
Project: Destiny Doctor Who signed by Sophie Aldred
Protect and Survive signed  Doctor Who Big Finish CD
Recorded Time & Other Stories signed by Raquel Cassidy Doctor Who Big Finish CD
Relative Dimensions
Spaceport Fear signed Big Finish CD
The Angel of Scutari signed by Jenny Spank
The Auntie Matter SIGNED  Doctor Who Big Finish CD
The Beast of Orlok
The Book of Kells
The Children of Seth  signed  by John Banks Doctor Who Big Finish CD
The Circus of Doom signed by Stephen Thorne
The Cradle of Snakes
The Crimes of Thomas Brewster signed by Anna Hope
The Demons of Red Lodge signed by Andree Bernard
The Destroyer of Delights signed by Will Barton
The Doomsday Quatrain signed by Derek Carlyle Doctor Who Big Finish CD
The Feast of Axos signed by Nick Briggs
The Hollows of Time signed by David Garfield
The House of Blue Fire signed by Mark Morris Doctor Who Big Finish CD
The Key 2 Time - The Chaos Pool signed by Laura Doddington
The Macros signed by Alex Mallinson
The Magician's Oath from Big Finish
The Mahogany Murderers
the renaissance man signed Doctor Who Big Finish CD
The Rosemariners doctor who Big Finish CD

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