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Blake's 7: Jenna - The Early Years: 5
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Blake's 7: Jenna - The Early Years: 5

The Dust Run

The story starts with Jenna being tortured and she agrees to tell the story of how she met Townsend. They were spacer kids who grow up together. Townsend was a dreamer, they had fun, they competed, they kissed, but Jenna also snogged one of the kids, a girl called Minka, at least that’s what she told Townsend.

She met Townsend again when they grew up and he was now in a Federation uniform. They start flirting but still competing and challenged each other to the Dust Run. If Townsend wins, the prize is sex. They steal a couple of shuttles to do a race through asteroids without the use of computers – it all depends on pilot skill. However, they trigger a security system.

Townsend abandons Jenna when her ship hits trouble but she manages to return, and meets up with Townsend again. Technically, Townsend won the race so Jenna invited him to her room, but he didn’t show up.

The Trial

“The Trial” picks up where “The Dust Run” ended and Jenna faces trial defended by Townsend.

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