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NORMAN E. THAGARD NASA Astronaut signed Autograph Shuttle STS-7
Richard Truly STS-8 NASA Astronaut signed Autograph
Scott Carpenter NASA Astronaut signed 10 by 8 photograph
Valeri Kubasov Signed Autograph Soyuz 6 & 9 and the ASTP (Soyuz 36)
Valery Bykovsky (Space) - Genuine Signed Autograph 7568
Vance Brand NASA Astronaut Apollo-Soyuz, STS-5, STS-41-B & STS-35 Genuine hand signed autograph
William B Lenoir & Vance Brand NASA Astronauts from STS 5 hand signed autograph
William Frederick Fisher - American physician and a former NASA astronaut #1
Yuri I. Onufrienko Cosmonaut crewed ISS 4 signed autograph
Yury Vladimirovich Usachev Russian Cosmonaut autograph MIR 15 & 21, STS-101 & ISS-2

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